AKA Interactive Entertainment


We are excited to share with you…

AKA Interactive Entertainment embraces the philosophy of interactive engagement within Our cast members will make sure to include you and your table in all they do! So whether you’re part of our wedding, mafia family, or mystery on the beach you’re sure to have a good time!

AKA Interactive Entertainment can offer you some not-so-ordinary entertainment options to entertain you and your guests at a location of your choice. Whether you want to book one of our productions for a private performance, hold a show at your venue and open it up to the public or hold a charity fundraiser, we can customize an entire package of entertainment to your specific needs and desires!

Here’s what people have said about us…

AKA_2C_Logo.jpg“It was sensational, highly recommended” – ITT Sheraton
“Our employees are still raving” – AT&T
“A big hit!” – Cystic Fibrosis Fnd.
“All who attended the party fell in love…” – Castleberry Fairs and Festivals

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