AKA Interactive Entertainment

AKA Interactive Entertainment is excited to bring one of our hit Interactive Dinner Shows to you! These shows are a fantastic way to bring people into your venue and raise money for your organization!  With a full night of crowd interaction from our actors and lots of dancing, singing, and laughter, your fundraiser is sure to be a success.

There are many opportunities for raising money:

  •                 Show Sponsors
  •                 Profit on Ticket Sales
  •                 Raffles
  •                 Silent Auction
  •                 Live Auction
  •                 Live Money Dance with the Bride and Groom…don’t forget about the “Ex’s”
  •                 Table Sponsors & Table Advertisements
  •                 Advertisement Booklet
  •                 And of course…Donations!

Our actors are always happy to join in on your fundraising theme! They will promote it throughout the show and during their improv table work, as well as get people involved each raffle, auction, or money dance you choose to have at your event!

We can customize your fundraiser to include all or any ideas you may have as well!

Let’s get started in booking a fun & interactive show for your next event!

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