Mardi Gras Mayhem-Murder Mystery on the High Seas ™

You’re invited aboard the H.M.S. Mardi Gras for an evening of mystery under the guidance of the clueless Captain Stubbing. Your voyage, alongside Doctor Jaques No-Clue, Dave and his soon to be Fiancé Michelle, and many others, will begin in New Orleans for an evening cruise. Everything is expected to be smooth sailing until a passenger in your group is murdered!


AKA Interactive Entertainment…

is excited for you to be a part of this mysterious murder investigation. This cruise will have you pitching and rolling aboard with laughter, it just might kill ya! Come jump aboard the H.M.S. Mardi Gras and join our cast of zany characters for a fun evening filled with mystery, murder, and mayhem on the high seas!


“Mardi Gras, Party Gras!”
“Welcome Aboard!”