AKA Presents a Two-Steppin’ good time..

AKA Interactive Entertainment invites you to grab your 10-gallon hat and join the Huckleberry & Hogslopper families in the celebration of Hank & Heidi’s young love. All of Hazard County Kentucky will be dinin’, dancin’, and romancin’ on the night of your choice and at the venue of your choice! This bunch of wacky western characters will have your guests laughing along to this hilarious hootenanny of a show.

Even Curly Billy Bob Joe, the Grand Marshall, will be joining the party. In true Hillbilly style, Heidi’s ex boyfriend will try to sneak in. Let’s all make sure we don’t let him take her back to the big city!

Put on your best boots & flannel, grab your banjo, and meet us at Hank & Heidi’s Hillbilly Hoedown!