Join us for a night of Who-dunit Interactive Comedy Entertainment!



MAFIA MURDERS is the 75th birthday celebration of the Godfather, Don Connoli Tortellini Pimento Clamato, and the time has come for him to name a successor. Who in the Clamato family will he choose? Or will the ruthless Ravioli family make their move before the old man has a chance to make his choice?

AKA Interactive Entertainment invites you to strap on your spurs and take a trip back to the Old West! A town hall meeting has been called at Miss Kitty-West’s Long Branch Saloon to talk about the suspicious activities of Dodgey City’s most notorious citizen who has been forcing people to sell him their land . . . or else! Will no one stand up to this evil cattle baron? Your guests will love this “trip back to yester-year” interactive murder mystery show! Will JunioR Ewing, Julious Scissors, or Connie & Blyde take a stance against this evil baron??? Did someone show showdown at High Noon??? MURDER AT THE LONG BRANCH SALOON is a new “Old West meets new Sheriff in town” interactive parody. Are you and your guests ready for the new show in town?

An annual Halloween meeting of ghouls turns DEADLY!

The 80’s Are Like So Totally Radical Man!!